The rock concrete screw is a special screw for anchoring in concrete (C20/25 to C50/60 normal concrete) and is covered by a European Technical Assessment for anchorages in cracked and non-cracked concrete. The rock concrete screw is screwed directly into the drill hole without a plug or other additional components. As it is screwed in, the thread cuts a mating thread into the subsurface. This type of installation is not only very easy, but also impresses with its minimum assembly time and maximum cost savings. The high-strength screw steel, an extremely complex annealing process, and a special thread ensure that the rock concrete screw also works reliably in class C50/60 high-strength concrete.


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Drive and Dimensions

SW13 7,5 x 40 mm, SW13 7,5 x 50 mm, SW13 7,5 x 60 mm, SW13 7,5 x 80 mm, SW15 10,5 x 60 mm, SW15 10,5 x 80 mm, SW15 10,5 x 100 mm, SW15 10,5 x 120 mm, SW15 10,5 x 140 mm, SW15 10,5 x 160 mm, SW17 12,5 x 60 mm, SW17 12,5 x 80 mm, SW17 12,5 x 100 mm, SW17 12,5 x 120 mm, SW17 12,5 x 140 mm, SW17 12,5 x 160 mm, SW17 12,5 x 180 mm, SW17 12,5 x 200 mm, SW17 12,5 x 240 mm, SW17 12,5 x 280 mm, SW17 12,5 x 320 mm


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