Plastic plug with cross-head screw and seal ring

The Eurotec sealing plug is a cross-head screw made of stainless steel/copper-plated stainless steel and a seal ring made of stainless steel with a neoprene seal vulcanised onto it.

After installation, the premounted seal ring reliably prevents moisture from penetrating into the component through the drill hole.

The plug is suitable for anchorages in concrete, solid bricks, sand-lime bricks and other high-strength building materials.


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Ø6,0 x 30 mm; washer Ø15 mm, Ø6,0 x 40 mm; washer Ø15 mm, Ø6,0 x 50 mm; washer Ø15 mm, Ø6,0 x 60 mm; washer Ø15 mm


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